The silver Shimmer uses is 925-92.5% silver, the rest is alloy to make the product stronger and easier to work with.
     There are many objective causes for silver to tarnish. This is because silver can be oxidized and reacted with sulfur-containing substances. Sulfur is everywhere even in the surrounding air, chemicals found in products that we come into contact with every day such as salt, soap, perfume, etc., and especially from our sweat glands. This is also the main reason that many of you wear silver, the brighter it is, and some of you will get black or yellow due to the sweat absorbed by silver.
     With the "flashy" properties of silver, when you use silver jewelry for a while or leave it unused for a long time and do not wipe sweat before storing, it will also cause silver to degrade.


- Method 1: You can use soda, such as Schweppes. Pour the soda into a small cup, then soak your jewel in it for around one minute. After that, take it out, wash again by tap water and dry it by paper towel. Done! So easy!
- Method 2: You can use toothpaste. Apply a little toothpaste, add water, and then polish your jewel using a soft brush. Remember to do it softly to avoid scratches. This is also a fast and easy way.
- Method 3: Use  silver polishing cloth - which you can find at any silver jewelry store. Just a light wipe to remove the dull layer of silver then our jewelry will be as shiny as new.
Lastly, please make sure your silver jewels have no contact with perfume, salt, hair dye, soap and tofu. Also, please store them neatly to avoid breakages and misshapes.


Avoid contact with chemicals (dishwashing liquid, shampoo, shower gel, ...) that will damage the stone because of changing the structural composition of the stone.
- Place the crystal under regular moonlight, especially during a full or new moon, to allow the stone to regenerate and absorb energy.
- Some types of stones with low hardness should be protected from strong impacts to avoid cracking and breaking.
- Some rocks need to limit exposure to water for too long, which will change the structural composition of the stone (Labradorite, Lapis Lazuli).
- All SILVER products will be polished free of charge.
- Repairing/Warranteed products to be collected after 2pm.
- Warranty condition: products are not damaged over 20%. Repair fee might be charged based on the products' damage level.
- Products made of gemstone and leather are not under warranty.
- Repair/warranty products will not be guaranteed to be 100% the same as new products.
Warranty does not apply to the following cases:
- Products that are broken, chipped, deformed, or severely damaged beyond 20%.
- Small patterns, secondary patterns, or missing stones.
- Customers providing inaccurate invoice information.
- Natural stone, artificial stone, obsidian, and leather products are not eligible for warranty.
- Products with a black coating are not covered under warranty for the black coating.
- Shimmer provides complimentary product cleaning services.
- In terms of the 18K gold covers, Shimmer would like to CHARGE for the gilding of these covers.


- Repair/warranty products at HCMC stores will be available within 3-4 weeks (excluding Saturday and Sunday) from the date of order receipt.
- Depending on the time and order Shimmer may change the warranty period.
- Please bring the receipt when you come to receive the goods. In case the customer does not provide the receipt, Shimmer asks for permission not to deliver/return the product.

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