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Sometimes, Shimmer’s girls are confusing about the size to select and purchase the ring. Now, Shimmer will provide some of small pocket hints to know how to measure your ring size.

There are two simple ways to measure ring and bracelet size

First method

Taking your present ring and bracelet off, using ruler and put it vertically through the middle point to measure its diameter. This diameter is your size. For normal rings is about 1.3 cm to 2 cm, average girls’ size is 1.6 cm. For normal bracelets is about 5.2 to 5.8. Remember to adjust the size.

Second method

Using a thread and covering round the finger or wrist that you want to measure, then mark it. After that, measure the length of the thread and divide the number into 3.14. Congratulation, you got the diameter of your finger or your wrist.

Especially, you should adjust or widen out for wrist.

Notice: when covering the thread round your finger, avoiding to put it too tight or too wide, the results will be not accurate.

So, easy? When you know your size, you are feel free to select your favorite one at Shimmer store. There are full of size for you.


Please check the short video clip below to refer: