With the desire to provide lovely girls with high-quality and beautifully designed silver jewelry, as well as to honor and develop the Vietnamese handmade silver industry, Shimmer was established in September 2013.

At that time, Shimmer started as a small online shop. The initial steps were truly challenging because Shimmer was one of the first online shops to sell silver jewelry. Initially, there were very few customers, mostly due to people's concerns about the quality of Shimmer's products and the Vietnamese consumers' habit of rarely buying silver jewelry online. However, after some time, thanks to the trust and positive feedback from customers who had used Shimmer's products, the brand gained more inspiration to grow. Up until now, Shimmer has been experiencing better development, owning a Flagship Store in Saigon, along with the love and trust of its customers.
Furthermore, customers are always an important factor for Shimmer. Therefore, Shimmer ensures that customers have the best and friendliest shopping experience. The brand also pays special attention to packaging and provides warranty services throughout the product's usage. As silver is a precious metal with both preservation value and aesthetics, whether it tarnishes due to sweat or breaks, Shimmer can help you repair and own sparkling jewelry for a long time.
Over nearly 10 years, Shimmer has undergone significant transformations with the aim of delivering designs that bring more value and beautiful trust. Based on the core of premium silver designs, our jewelry artisans have added natural gemstones carefully selected by Shimmer, containing positive natural energies to send to each customer.

Core Values

High quality Products - Slow Fashion - Honoring Vietnamese Traditions
High quality Products: Shimmer's products are made of Vietnamese silver - 925 silver, and are entirely handcrafted from melting to polishing. This uniqueness makes each design one-of-a-kind, as it is impossible to achieve identical results like mass-produced items. Moreover, Shimmer aims to accompany girls in every moment of their lives, so each design emphasizes femininity, simplicity, high practicality, while still maintaining Shimmer's distinctive features. Therefore, the product aspect is always a priority for Shimmer, ensuring high-quality products and designs that preserve their essence and soul.
Slow Fashion: It is a fashion style that promotes sustainability and reliability. Slow fashion also values personalization and craftsmanship. Shimmer focuses on creating high-quality, safe, and environmentally friendly products. Silver is a precious metal with long-lasting usability, and premium natural gemstones are safe for the health of each customer. Additionally, all products are handcrafted, which limits mass production and industrial processes as they would diminish the value and essence of the products.
Honoring Vietnamese Traditions: Shimmer takes pride in designs that honor the beauty of Vietnamese traditional culture and the art of silver craftsmanship. The designs draw inspiration from ancient cultural values such as lotus flowers, royal patterns from Hue, and more. Anyone who owns Shimmer jewelry can proudly embrace the spirit of "Made in Vietnam" in their own shimmering way.


Shimmer's mission is to become a companion in preserving memories and inspiring through its high-quality handcrafted silver jewelry designs. With its main customer base being young, dreamy girls, Shimmer believes that a piece of quality jewelry for them goes beyond mere adornment. It becomes a keepsake of lasting memories and brings positive energy to the soul. From there, every girl can gain strength and belief to reach their own dreams.
Furthermore, Shimmer not only creates fashionable silver jewelry products with trend-setting designs and top-notch services, but each product also serves as a way for Shimmer to honor and contribute to the development of the Vietnamese handmade silver industry.


Shimmer Silver's vision is to establish itself as a leading handmade silver jewelry brand in Vietnam, known for its high-quality products, professional services, and unique personalized experiences.
Furthermore, Shimmer Silver aims to bring Vietnamese handmade silver products to international customers and showcase the beauty and value of Vietnamese craftsmanship on a global scale. By owning Shimmer's products, people can feel proud and appreciate the "Made in Vietnam" items that possess both quality and the heartfelt dedication of the founder.


“Because you dream”


Shimmer originates from a dream of all things sparkling, taking form through the search and connection with girls who share that same dream - and from there, it has reached even greater milestones. The dream is the core spirit of Shimmer, nurturing the brand and bonding us with customers who resonate with the same soulful harmony.
With Shimmer, because you are always filled with passion, dreams, and the courage to dream - we hope to provide you with inspiration and strength to shine your dreams through timeless, shimmering jewelry pieces.

Warm Regards,