Since childhood, we were born into a family with mothers who loved beauty, especially silver jewelry, so silver items have always been cherished possessions.
As we grew up, it was challenging to find modern silver jewelry that matched our fashion taste. We had to rely on online orders and purchase from foreign countries. That's why we thought, why not be the ones to bring silver jewelry to people of our generation who have the same needs as us?
And that's how Shimmer was born in September 2013. "Shimmer" means to sparkle, and we wanted to not only talk about sparkling silver jewelry but also fulfill a girl's dream - to be beautiful and radiant every day.
The early days of starting a business are always the most difficult and discouraging. Initially, Shimmer only had ideas and a few million Vietnamese dong. We went to various silver workshops, researched, and negotiated. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts, either because they used our samples for their own separate sales or the product quality wasn't good, we sometimes felt disheartened and wanted to give up because we couldn't trust anyone. But luckily, in the end, we found a reliable silver workshop and have been working with them ever since.
Next came the early days of introducing the Shimmer brand. We focused on an online business model. Establishing a fan page, creating an Instagram account, and taking product photos to share were critical steps. At that time, Shimmer could be considered the first online shop specializing in silver jewelry for women. Alongside the online channel, Shimmer also participated in flea market events.
In 2015, we opened a small studio in the 42 Nguyen Hue apartment building, where customers could come and experience the products directly. With the trust and support of young girls, Shimmer reached another significant milestone - the opening of its first physical store at 238A Ly Tu Trong, District 1. Later, in 2018, Shimmer continued to launch two physical stores in Hoi An and Hanoi.
However, a significant change occurred for Shimmer when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. To keep up with modern shopping trends and the global situation, Shimmer decided to reduce its physical stores and expand its sales channels on e-commerce platforms (Shopee, Lazada, TikTokShop). Now, girls from anywhere can easily wear Shimmer jewelry, just like putting on a lovely sparkling accessory.   
By 2021, as life gradually returned to normal after the pandemic, Shimmer wanted to provide a better space for #shimmergirls, so it moved to a prime location at 128 Le Lai, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. The satisfaction of girls with the service and shopping experience is our pride and motivation to continually improve Shimmer. Additionally, Shimmer introduced collections combined with natural energy stones, carefully selected for their positive spiritual value. To ensure beautiful products, we not only rely on the craftsmanship of our silversmiths but also closely monitor each production step and inspect each design to deliver the best quality to customers. Since Shimmer's direction is handmade jewelry, occasional human errors may occur, and imperfect items are returned for further refinement.
After working together for a while, it seems that Shimmer and the silver workshop have improved together. Now, minor errors rarely occur, and the techniques have been upgraded and perfected day by day.
Besides the products, packaging and presentation also contribute to creating a beautiful image. Shimmer orders custom-made small pouches for rings, produces leather boxes, and designs neat and elegant packaging so that when the products reach the customers, they come as a complete Shimmer set, carrying our dedication. Through feedback, Shimmer is delighted to know that its image is not inferior to any other international silver brands.