Shimmer products always possess remarkable features: 

Quality - Handcrafted Sterling Silver

Shimmer products are made from high-quality 925 sterling silver, with 92.5% silver content and the remaining portion being another alloy, typically copper, to enhance durability and ease of crafting. Due to the softness of silver, it is important to avoid strong impacts to prevent deformation. Notably, each Shimmer product is meticulously handcrafted to preserve its inherent essence from the moment it is produced until it reaches the customer's hands.

Natural Gemstones

Shimmer carefully selects and curates natural gemstones of high quality, without any color treatment. Additionally, all natural gemstones at Shimmer undergo certification at reputable gemstone testing centers before being incorporated into the products. Each product combined with natural gemstones is also purified and energized before being delivered to the customers.


Shimmer products focus on minimalist designs while ensuring a youthful, modern, and sophisticated touch. With Shimmer, the jewelry you receive is a complete masterpiece with high practicality, always leading the trends in sync with the rhythm of life. These designs draw inspiration from familiar elements such as flowers, leaves, animals, or international symbols like infinity and arrows. Moreover, Shimmer also pays homage to the traditional Vietnamese silver craftsmanship by incorporating iconic symbols like mooncakes, lotus flowers, apricot blossoms, and more.

To create uniqueness for the brand, Shimmer introduces the Signature product line, a fusion of tradition and contemporary styles, exclusively designed by Shimmer. Regardless of the product line, when adorning a Shimmer design, you will always become the most sparkling version with a distinctive feminine dreamy style.

Signature Product 2016 - Floral Bangle


Shimmer places great emphasis on meticulous and neat packaging to ensure that products are carefully wrapped. Each piece of jewelry is delicately placed in an elegant black box with a luxurious silver foil logo. Accompanying the box is a bag containing information, care instructions, and a small exquisite silver cleaning cloth. Shimmer always believes that the jewelry delivered to customers must be presented in the most meticulous manner. Therefore, Shimmer strives to perfect the packaging to preserve the integrity of the "dreamy sparkle" until it reaches your hands.

Product Warranty 

The experience and satisfaction of customers when using Shimmer jewelry are always a top priority. Shimmer's warranty policy ensures that the products are durable and beautiful. You can refer to detailed information on product care and warranty procedures by clicking on the provided link. However, there is no specific information about the link in your question.