Shimmer Silver - A 925 silver jewelry brand with over 10 years of experience in the Vietnamese silver jewelry industry. All designs by Shimmer are meticulously handcrafted, from the melting... [+]
💍This March, let's take the time to show love and care for the women in our lives on the upcoming special day - International Women's Day on March 8th. 💐  [+]
Moonstone embraces mystical energy and is usually used as shimmery jewelry for ladies. So where does that energy come from and what is its meaning? If you are wondering just... [+]
🌸Drawing inspiration from the blooming beauty of spring flowers every Lunar New Year, the Blossom collection brings a gentle spring breeze that exudes the vibrant femininity and vitality of the... [+]
🌟A new character will appear this Valentine's season 💗 Incredibly adorable, cute, and always... silly in love [+]
💌 This Valentine's, Shimmer nurtures your "Inner Love" 🍃. Discover the adorable collection with love symbols like hearts❣️ and stars⭐. Embrace self-care with delicate jewelry👑.  [+]
The markings on gemstones have their own beauty, making each stone special. Let's join Shimmersliver to learn about the natural cracks in gemstones.  [+]
The ancient saying "Wear gold in the left hand - silver in the right hand" has become a cultural tradition, a rule that many people follow. However, few people know... [+]
Unlike every year, instead of looking towards future dreams, I choose to look back at myself to look back at the values and dreams that once existed inside, and tell... [+]
 💕Birthstone (birthstone) has long been a symbol of everyone's birth month. Each Birthstone represents a month of the year. They are not only beautiful gemstones💎but also carry a deep meaning,... [+]
As a usual habit to enter the new year, we are meeting up again at my self-reflective stories - where the “distinctive passion” stays. It’s 2023 and after many adversities,... [+]
Based on the inspiration from Vietnamese culture, I not only adore the Lotus flower image but also dedicate my passion to our country’s traditional heritage symbols. Recalling my childhood memory,... [+]