Another Christmas season is approaching, a season of love and exchanging warm gifts.  [+]
🎅Another Christmas season is here, with joyful and bustling vibes filling every street corner. 🎄🔔❄️Let's immerse ourselves in the warm and sweet Christmas atmosphere with handmade sterling silver jewelry from... [+]
Gua Sha is a traditional therapy with amazing effects. Let's learn about beauty treatments using this gemstone. [+]
Promise Ring, also known as Promise Ring - A symbol of love and promise that both will give each other sincerity in this relationship. Promise Ring is not only a... [+]
Energetic gemstones are used to heal the soul, spirit and body. A popular way to choose gemstones is based on a numerology chart. With our guidance, you will find the right... [+]
💎On the occasion of this year's October 20th, Shimmer has prepared sparkling and adorable jewelry sets to give to beloved women. These small and exquisite pieces of jewelry from Shimmer... [+]
Using healing crystals in your life allows you to absorb ancient and mystical knowledge. But you also need the means to understand the uses of these stones in modern life.You'll... [+]
Moonstone embraces mystical energy and is usually used as shimmery jewelry for ladies. So where does that energy come from and what is its meaning? If you are wondering just... [+]
Opal được xem là viên đá hộ mệnh và hỗ trợ cho những giấc mơ. Với hiệu ứng ánh cầu vồng phát sáng trên bề mặt, Opal mang vẻ đẹp... [+]
💕Inspired by the timeless traditions of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Shimmer presents MYSTIC, a collection that blends the festive spirit of the holiday with the romantic atmosphere of a full moon night🌕. [+]
Shimmer Silver - A 925 silver jewelry brand with over 10 years of experience in the Vietnamese silver jewelry industry. All designs by Shimmer are meticulously handcrafted, from the melting... [+]
In celebration of 10 years in Saigon, Shimmer presents the "Thập" collection, which goes beyond being a display of exquisite Vietnamese handmade jewelry. It is a meaningful narrative representing Shimmer's... [+]