Silver jewelry has always been my dream since childhood. Would there be a schoolgirl who was never fascinated by those tiny shiny silver rings, bracelets in fancy glass display cabinets, or just simply on a tray in a corner of a local market?

I can tell neither the time when I was attracted by silver jewelry nor explain why I had a crush on them that much. On my wrist, there is still a small silver bracelet, a gift of luck and health from my mom, regardless of time.

Little by little, the passion for silver jewelry has been growing in me. It is my wish to bring high-quality silver jewelry to girls, also to myself. In a further perspective, I would like to introduce Vietnamese handmade silver jewelry domestically and internationally. Shimmer was born because of that mission.

Shimmer is not merely jewelry itself. Shimmer is a girl’s dream which is simple, lovely and sparkling. It is what we are chasing for and bringing to all of you.

Being one of the first online silver jewelry shop, Shimmer, a start-up business, has such difficulties to overcome. At the beginning, not many customers came to our place because of afraidness. However, we gradually gain their trust by our inspirational designs.

After nearly 10 years, Shimmer has transformed more, with the desire to bring more values and better beliefs through designs. Based on high-grade silver designs, our jewelers have added Shimmer-selected natural gemstones filled with positive energies. We hope that through each product, we will bring positive energy, support our customers to have more strength and confidence to go to their own dreams.

We would like to send our warmest thank to every customer for your love and support to Shimmer. It is great happiness to share with you our dream, our message and together we walk the long road ahead.

Best regards,