🔮What is astrology?

Astrology is the study of the effect and impact of distant celestial objects on human life on Earth. Stars and planets are commonly used as influences.

The location of the sun, stars, moon, and planets at the moment of a person's birth - not their conception - is believed to impact their personality, shape their romantic relationships, predict their financial fortunes, and perform other divinations.

Even if you're unfamiliar with astrology, you've definitely heard of the zodiac signs. The star signs correspond to the 12 zodiac constellations. This is a form of sun-sign astrology, and star signs may be found in newspapers and periodicals.

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🔮Birth Chart What Is Astrology?

Everything in the cosmos is linked and related to one another. Humankind has instinctively understood this from the dawn of time, all those billions of years ago.

Astrology is the study of the relationship between celestial bodies and happenings on Earth. Nevertheless, astrology is much more than that.

Astrologers study astrology using a combination of scientific understanding about the world, logical techniques, intuition, and psychology. Astrology employs energy patterns based on comparable components found in other spiritual sciences, such as:

  • Yoga

  • Feng shui

  • Numerology

  • Crystal healing

  • Acupuncture

Relationships, patterns, and circles are the focus of astrology. It aids us in better understanding ourselves and our psychological makeup. Pseudoscience urges us to examine beyond the surface-level of what we're doing and how we're feeling, delving deep into the residual demands or desires.

This type of profound understanding and awareness leads to increased acceptance, compassion, a feeling of purpose, and inspiration to improve and progress. According to Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist Carl Jung, our soul communicates with us through pictures and symbolism.

Astrological planets are symbols, and the idea provides techniques for absorbing and comprehending thoughts and knowledge in ways that our human minds can understand.

Astrology, as a bridge connecting the many parts with the total, covers the microcosm and the macrocosm, as well as the conscious and unconscious mind.

For fact, astrology is a big and intricate subject, and opinions on the subject vary greatly. Some individuals think that the planets are in charge of our events, situations, and emotions. Others could claim that the planets provide a chance for introspection.

While we are unclear of the complexities of astrology, there is no doubting that our enigmatic cosmos inspires us with wonder, amazement, and adoration. We look to the darkened night sky for answers, guidance, and wisdom in our lives as we discover more about astrology.

🔮The Zodiac Or Birth Signs

When someone inquires about your sign,' they typically mean your sun sign. This is the sun's zodiacal position at the exact time of your birth.

The study of sun signs is quite popular. People are said to have various personality qualities based on which of the 12 sun signs they belong to.

Every person has a moon sign, Mercury sign, Venus sign, Mars sign, and so on, in addition to their sun sign. The planets and luminaries are then linked to various houses, of which there are 12 in their birth charts.

The links and relationships that the planets, luminaries, and points all share are also thought to influence personality. These connections are measured by the number of degrees between them. This assists astrologers in determining whether or not they create an aspect.

Of fact, classifying humanity into 12 groups is excessively simple. Every person on the planet is unique and complicated, with distinct characteristics and peculiarities.

Nonetheless, the 12 birth signs may provide a fascinating insight into people's personalities. Click on one of the 12 zodiac signs to discover more about some of the prevalent personality traits associated with it.

♈Aries – Tiger's eye

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries is known for its bubbly and enthusiastic personality. However, at times, Aries is very quick-tempered and impulsive.

The energy from the tiger's eye stone helps Aries balance their emotions as well as helps them think more carefully before they make a decision or act. Not only that, but this stone also brings courage and confidence to help them stay calm and motivated to pursue their "dreams".

♉Taurus – Rose Quartz

Taurus people often love the beautiful things in life, especially love. Rose Quartz helps affect the Heart Chakra to help Taurus' spirit be happier as well as love themselves more, thereby spreading these loving energies to everyone around.

♊Gemini - Pearls

Gemini are people who are always full of energy and optimism. Therefore, pearls will support Gemini to always keep their confidence and achieve much success. These pearls will attract much joy, prosperity and good luck into their lives.

Not only that, pearls also create a balance in personality for Gemini girls "in the morning, in the afternoon, in the rain". Using this crystal also helps people born under this sign increase purity, kindness and integrity in life.

♋Cancer - Moonstone

Cancers are often sentimental people, especially on bad days, their emotions are prone to chaos and anxiety. Therefore, the energy from the Moon stone will ease stress and instability in Cancer.

♌Leo - Peridot

Peridot as a means of helping Leos gain wisdom and understanding, makes them more attuned to others, and gives them humility and selflessness towards those they love. The stone is said to help Leo achieve prosperity in his career and personal life.

♍Virgo - Carnelian

Virgo people are practical, meticulous and a bit perfectionist in everything. Virgo is also the most easily embarrassed zodiac sign because they think and worry too much. Therefore, the energy from the Carnelian stone will increase Virgo's confidence to be able to make quick decisions and be confident in themselves. Moreover, this stone also helps Virgo to absorb positive energy in life.

♎Libra - Opal

Opal is also a symbol of the constellation Libra. It has very good effects on health, especially the nervous system, helping to develop intuition. Libra is a sign that loves creativity and is constantly looking for new ideas, so Opal will help sharpen your intuition and inspire.

Libra's creative ideas are also reflected in love, this is the factor that helps Libra attract love, making the other half always curious about her.

♏Scorpio - Citrine

People of the Scorpio sign always bring in them enthusiasm, depth and determination. They are hard workers and always focused on their goals. The energy from the Citrine stone helps Scorpio attract good results, especially in terms of money and wealth.

♐Sagittarius - Blue Topaz

Sagittarius possesses extroversion, sociability, and vivacity. However, Sagittarius' weakness is in a hurry to seize opportunities, in a hurry, they need to see a goal that others can't see. And green Topaz helps Sagittarius self-awareness and emotional balance to control themselves wisely, avoid crashing into unclear things.

♑Capricorn – Garnet

The Capricorn zodiac sign has deep dreams and ambitions and strives to realize it on their own, so Garnet helps Capricorns have more abundant energy, maximize their creativity and work efficiency.

♒Aquarius - Amethyst

Aquarius people often love freedom and do not like to be tied down. Therefore, Bao Binh always actively explores and researches with extremely creative solutions. Thanks to the lucky energy, the peace of the amethyst stone will help Aquarius overcome all difficulties and dare to face challenges to realize their dreams.

♓Pisces – Aquamarine

Aquamarine stone is also a symbol of the constellation Pisces, the stone is blue and associated with the color of the ocean. It has a very good effect on the mind to help reduce stress and bring peace. Pisces is also a sign that loves creativity and is constantly looking for new ideas, so Aquamarine will help inspire colorful paintings of this constellation.



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